Hot Water Systems

FAME Electrical can repair or replace your faulty hot water system. In many cases a faulty hot water system can be repaired by simply replacing the heating element within the unit. This is a simple job and will normally take under 1.5 hours. If the unit is leaking however it is more likely the unit will require replacement.

Storage Hot Water Systems

These are what most homes in Australia have had installed. They use a large tank to store the water and a heating element to heat the water. These systems are normally connected to an off peak power tariff which turns the supply to the unit off between 5pm and 10pm each night or at your supply authorities discretion.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water relies on the sun to heat the water. They consist of a number of solar panels mounted on the roof of your home, normally in the Northerly or Westerly direction and the water is circulated through these panels and then stored in a storage tank located either on the roof or on the ground.

If the tank is located on the roof extra bracing may be required to strengthen your roof or if located on the ground a pump is used to circulate the water.

The disadvantages of this system are in winter or on overcast days the water may not heat sufficiently and the internal water heater booster will be required to heat the water. The Solar system then operates in the same manner as a storage hot water system. A pump may also be required to circulate the water and the location of the panels on the prime side of your roof space may restrict you from installing solar panels for electricity production later.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat pumps work on the same principle as an air conditioner. They use a pump to transfer hot air from the outside into a coil immersed in water. The heat is then transferred from the outside air to the water heating it.

Heat pumps are extremely efficient and can be connected to a normal electricity supply ensuring you have a constant hot water supply. The average power consumption while running is about 1KW.

Heat pumps can under normal circumstances be substituted for your old storage hot water systems with minimal alterations to your plumbing and electrical thereby reducing the cost.