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FAME Electrical are your friendly local electricians. At FAME electrical our small electrical Fameteam of registered electricians are working hard to establish ourselves as the honest, affordable and reliable local electrician you call when you need prompt electrical work around the home or office.

Our work includes but is not limited to the installation of power points, light fittings, hot water systems, safety switches, heat pumps, foil insulation testing, pre-purchase home inspections, switchboard upgrades, new house wiring as well as all manner of commercial electrical work including office fit outs and complete office renovations.

As your local electricians we try to offer a same day service and if we can’t help you we will try to suggest someone who can. We understand that sometimes you need an electrician immediately and this is where we try to help. Our phone is always on and we can undertake weekend and after hours work in most situations.

As local electricians we like to service our local customers although we often do work in the greater Adelaide area. We are happy to quote work anywhere within the northern and southern suburbs of Adelaide.

If you need prompt reliable service with honest advice then please contact Jeff, the owner manager directly on to arrange a visit.

Save 60% using Off Peak Power

Connect your hot water system, air conditioner or pool pump to off peak power and save up to 60%.

By connecting to off-peak tariffs you can significantly reduce your electricity costs at home. Off-peak tariffs are up to 60 per cent cheaper than the normal domestic tariff, which means you will see ongoing savings on your electricity bill.

FAME Electrical can connect your less energy efficient appliances to off peak power for as little as $160 to achieve continued savings on your power bill.

Take advantage of your new off peak power connection to save on other appliances including pool pumps, air conditioners and dishwashers.

Off peak power hours vary from home to home but typically power will be off between 5pm and 9pm most evenings however you save up to 60% on the power you use outside these hours.

Switchboard Upgrades

 FAME Electrical can upgrade your existing switchboard to meet the demands of today’s technology. If your switchboard is more than 20 years old, it may not have a safety switch installed to protect your family or may be overloaded increasing the risk of fire.

FAME Electrical can inspect your switchboard and house wiring and advise you on any issues that should be addressed. Our Adelaide electricians will only offer honest assessments of your needs with no obligation to undertake any work. A quote to complete the work can be given on request free of charge.

Power & Lighting – Downlights

Are you having difficulty deciding on a lighting solution for your home and entertainment area? We have years of experience helping our customers decide on what will best suit their needs and can help you with your decision.

We can also repair or replace all those down lights that have stopped working over the years. Did you know that down lights are one of the least energy efficient methods of lighting a home with over 80% of the output being heat. We can replace them with new LED or fluorescent technology.

We also have the equipment to get to those difficult high lights that often need replacing so call us today for your free advice.

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Storm Water Services

Water draining from a site after a downpour on terrestrial and rooftop is known as storm water. This water contains dirt, soil residues, leaves, farm materials such as fertilizers and all these can cause pollution when swept to a stream or a river or any other watercourse. In forests and other natural resources, water can be quickly absorbed by soil and floras unlike in urban areas where soil structure is tampered. If water cannot get drained on the ground, then it finds its way through. It is the chief cause of urban centers flooding and a cause of alarm to the community’s health but can be a paramount resource to the community only if controlled.

How can this be controlled?
We all need an environment free from pollution; water resulting from heavy rains can be harmful to our environment, so how is this solved?
• Construction and planning of storm water systems so that pollutants can be detached since they can contaminate the ground and external water resources.
• A collection of hazardous materials such as polyethylene bags, pieces of clothes, etc. which causes pollution and can block the way of water.
• By Creating water value; this is through funding programs which will create awareness
• Making sure that regulations of storm water are revised from time to time
• Flooding can cause harm to human beings, plants and animals, educating the community about water a management and why it must be considered, and its effects on the environment are vital.
• Maintenance of drainage pipes all the time and checking if their condition is worth.
• Harvesting of rainwater in urban areas which include the use of tanks. The overflow of water reduces.
• The water council management should check the drainages in private properties to ensure that there is control of rainwater; they ensure that the owners maintain the drainage pipes and other drainage systems according to the council’s requirement.
• Fortification and reintegration of natural watercourses is also put in action by the council.
• By constructing structures such as water ponds, swamplands, and green infrastructure in addition to the draining pipes and waterways.
• The council can also cultivate strong asset control platforms to renovate and substitute old foundations to new ones.
• Planning in advance is what we all want in life, planning to control storm water before it comes is always the way to go, this helps to avoid future problems.
The council is therefore there to help the community but in unity we can!


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